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RRR Tool Solutions - The Gordon Frame Kit - In Stock!

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Our team designed the Gordon Frame Kit back in 2006, but a member of SOHC.com gave it its name. We developed the kit because we wanted to have access to the cylinder head cover, the head, and the cylinders without pulling out the entire engine. Honda™ never intended for the engine to be built while in the frame. The Kawasaki™ ZRX and Nomad™ bikes had detachable right side tubes that used the 1/4 joints much like these and facilitated engine removal. The Gordon Frame Kit is priced at $175.

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The Gordon Frame Kit simplifies maintenance of your bike. Contact RRR Tool Solutions at (864) 710-7964 to learn more about our motorcycle frames or shop online today!

NOTE: These as designed exclusively for the Honda CB750 K0 ~K8 series from 1969 ~ 1978. These do not fit the automatic "A Series".

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