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It will happen again. You can and should count on it.

Great weather, good friends, perfect route, big plans. Then something BREAKS and the fun stops.

We won't claim that our motorcycle tools will allow you to overcome every fail, but we are absolutely 100% sure that not one of these 5 real fails would have been possible without motorcycle tools.

Don't have tools? Maybe it's not your fault. You've searched, you've scoured the Internet for a Real motorcycle tool kit or an ATV tool kit and what you found were poorly packaged car/automotive tools (combination wrenches), cheap or poorly designed screwdriver set, incomplete sizes, wrong sizes, and repetitive compromises throughout.

We've been there and had the same frustrations. We also know that having the right motorcycle tools organized in a well-designed tool kit is essential to getting roadside fails fixed. Just last year, the small group of friends that I ride with had 5 different and unique "Major Fails" between us that could have ruined our ride. Most of us feel that a well-equipped tool roll kit is one of the most important pieces of carry-on gear.

  • The bolts backed out of one rider's rear sprocket and hub on one bike and collided with the swingarm.
  • My rear brake lever got bent under my right crankcase when I low-sided on a hard, packed dirt road after my front wheel washed-out on loose gravel.
  • My rear tire picked-up a nasty 6" nail 20 miles outside of civilization deep in the woods. The tire was a tube-type and had to be removed and replaced "trail side".
  • A coil wire cap that holds the plug wire in the coil split and broke under the gas tank. The wire came out of the coil and its spark plug lost spark - My friend's Twin cylinder wasn't happy.
  • Two bolts holding the rear fender and the back of the luggage rack came out 45 miles into our ride. The fender and rack dropped far enough to rub on the tire and almost locked the rear wheel.

We at RRR Tool Solutions spent one full-year in design, filed two patents, 11 proprietary innovations, and months of custom manufacturing to bring what is the best and most comprehensive motorcycle tool kit and motorcycle tool roll available anywhere. Our motorcycle tools selection includes single tool sets for the shop and bike to our full 46 piece on-board set with a 17-piece assortment of Torx, Allen, Cross-Point, and flat tip screwdriver set. Make our tool kit your first choice in motorcycle gear.

Check out our 46 piece Adventure Tool Roll Kits and Tool Roll Sets. 46 pieces of the Right Hand Tools and our Innovative Textile Tool Roll so you'll be ready.

Like us on Facebook™ and join our mailing list by using our Contact Us page on the website. We'll keep you updated on our new releases. Our patented Axle Wrench is here and available today!

Check out our Honda™ CB750 SOHC Frame Kit. I designed this back in 2006 to solve a need I had on my own 1974 K4 CB750 build. Honda left us SOHC owners with 1/4" of clearance and never intended for the engine to be repaired or rebuilt in the frame. After hundreds of kits sold, I've brought them back - $175.

Simply the Best and Most Complete Set of Motorcycle Tools for the Adventure Rider

Whether it's on the Interstate, Back-Roads, Off-Road, DualSport, ATV, Dirtbike, or Snowmobile, RRR Tools Enables Repair and Recovery. Don't leave home without our motorcycle tool roll kit!

Here at RRR Tool Solutions, we design, build, and carry the best in motorcycle tools, tool rolls, and tool roll kits for your motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, and watercraft. Whether you need JIS Hand Tools and a JIS Screwdriver Set for the Shop, the Bike, or both - We've got 'em. RRR is owned and founded by a "Motorcycling Nut" with more than 45 years of experience. He'll quickly tell you that he's learned the hard way which hand tools work and which don't. With dozens of restorations and show winning results, he is passionate about preparedness, restorations, and having the Right Hand Tools. Check out the "About Us" page and learn more about how a hobby became an obsession. Dozens of "Before and Afters" may inspire you to follow along and join our Friends of RRR mailing list.

We Love What We Do!