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Motorcycle Axle Nut Socket Wrench Set

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RRR Tool Solutions

Our Motorcycle Axle Nut Socket Wrench Set is a brand new, Patented, 7-Piece set. Super-strong, lightweight, and very packable, these 7 pieces are designed to loosen, tighten, and remove the front and rear axle nuts from thousands of motorcycles - new, vintage, and off-road. This Metric wrench set includes a 9" long double-ended handle that weighs just six ounces!

The handle is double-ended with two different sized openings that fit the small and large corresponding sockets. The large end operates the included 32mm, 27mm, and 24mm sockets while the small end operates the included 22mm, 19mm, and 17mm sockets.

The sockets are simply "flipped" over to switch directions from loosen to tighten modes. The wrench is easily engaged from the bottom, the top, or sides of the nut where maximum wrench clearance is found. This handle pushes or pulls the rotation depending on how and where you engage it so you can take full advantage of available travel.

Each socket weighs less than 2 ounces and has a thin profile so they can be used in tight places where exhaust or saddlebags may interfere. The handle action ratchets over the sockets for ease and speed of use while their unique design of engagement keeps the torque directly over the workload.

Strong, lightweight, and universal! The RRR Motorcycle Axle Nut Socket Wrench Set was designed to be a perfect addition to your carry-on tool gear. You'll have your bike's axles covered along with those of your riding buddies! One Axle Nut Socket Wrench Set, 1,000 bikes...How can you go and not be prepared? Don't be caught roadside or trailside without one.

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Our Axle Wrench Set fits thousands of motorcycles and is compact. Don't be caught out on the road or trails without one. Contact RRR Tool Solutions at (864) 710-7964 to learn about our motorcycle axle wrench system or shop online today!

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