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About RRR Tool Solutions

RRR Tool Solutions

The founder and owner of RRR Tool Solutions is a "motorcycling nut". He loves researching, restoring, and riding motorcycles. For more than 45 years, Gordon has been building, breaking, repairing, and restoring motorcycles and ATV's. Collecting tools and testing equipment has always been one of his favorite hobbies. In 2012, while trying to prepare for a cross-country motorcycling trip with close friends, Gordon and his best buddies came to the realization that real motorcycling Tool Sets were simply not available. Not only could they not find a complete tool set at any of the local dealerships or on the Web, what they found were "automotive" tools being sold/marketed under the guise of motorcycling sets. Every offering of available sets fell short of meeting the needs on each of the different bikes, but when you considered the need to work with all of them - they missed horribly. The Mission became clear - Design, Build, and Assemble the Best and most Comprehensive Tool Kit Set anywhere.

Five Full-Years of design, four patents, dozens of proprietary innovations and five years of custom manufacturing later - The RRR Tool Solutions Modular Moto Wrench Tool Kit is here. We’ve got the Right Tools and the Right Packaging to meet your repair and storage needs. This innovative Tool Kit Case has capability and storage features available nowhere else.

A Personal Story

RRR Tool Solutions

I am passionate about motorcycling and have a deep-rooted history with them that started when I was eleven. Life for me changed and got "very tough" when I was ten years old. The years were 1968 and 1969 when my Mom died, my Dad retired from the Army, remarried, and had moved us to a farm in the middle of almost "nowhere". The nearest paved road was almost 1/2 mile away. The nearest country store was two miles further, and the nearest Post Office a full 14 miles away from that country store. As a ten year old, the farm was a desolate island of endless work, chores, animals to feed, crops to tend, and for me, misery. What I hated most was the isolation. Sure, I had my Dad, my new Mom, and new step-brothers, but only Dad had any love or use for the farm. One thing that farm life did bring to all of us is we had to grow up fast. There was no such thing as "too young" to work or operate equipment. All of us were expected to drive the tractor, cut, weld, adjust, and make things work. If something broke, we fixed it. That "farm life" taught us boys that we had to make things happen.

I got my first real motorcycle in 1969, a 1966 Honda Super 90 (S90). I was eleven and shared ownership with my 14 year-old step-brother, but he quickly lost interest and I was able to buy his part and take full ownership. $100 was the total price of my "Freedom Machine". That S90 would and did take me to places where my best friends were. When I drove up on my Red Honda, I was free, I was socially equal, and I was the envy of all my friends for those few moments. I could now "escape" and live a few minutes/hours like my friends did every day. This freedom was easily my greatest experience/treasure and for the next seven years; motorcycling would be my only transportation. Motorcycles would be my gateway to meet/have girlfriends, attend ball games, go camping, go to the beach, and be something close to "normal." It was these important years of growing up that I remember passionately. While those were hard years, the motorcycles that gave me freedom have always been very special and have a place in my heart. I own a copy of every one of them today. They were the first bikes that I collected and are among that collection you see above.

Keep your ride running with Gordon's motorcycle tools. Contact RRR Tool Solutions at (864) 710-7964 to learn how to add more utility to your motorcycle kit or shop online today!